Product Management

There is no perfection in decision making process

Few days ago we needed to make a long term decision about the direction we are going to take with parts of the system. After heated discussion we got to a point where we find out that we have two available directions , let’s say direction A and B. Majority supported direction A, I supported direction B.

Later during the day I started explaining my disdain to a friend how the rest of the team “do not get it” and that we are heading for disaster with the direction A supported by majority.

And then the friend struck me with a comment “How can you be so sure that the direction B would be better or more successful even if the direction A proves itself totally wrong?”

At the profound Zen moment I understood that there is no best direction to take at this situation, or the perfect one. But it is critical to make the decision and make a follow through with it.

For a perfect decision we would need a perfect knowledge about world, and fortunately for all casinos around the world, that is not possible. Since we do not know all the factors affecting current situation every decision about the situation includes a lot of assumptions and is most probably wrong. But it is critical to follow through with decision until we get to a different situation where we need to make another decision and so ad infinitum.

If anyone knows how to get perfect knowledge about any situation ….. I am listening.